Thursday, December 7, 2017

Black Students Want Segregation - Agree or Disagree

"I'm 100% okay with segregation in America, and I know MANY others would be okay with it too. Why can't everyone agree with the fact that people want their own race to survive and not go extinct? Everyone would be so much more comfortable if we re-segregated. Less"racism"!

The best option would be to separate the United states in certain areas. People that prefer to be with their own race in certain areas and an area for people that prefer to be "interracial" or "multicultural". Everyone shouldn't look at this so negatively. Honestly, it's a GOOD thing for us all! Everyone embraces their own culture. If you don't than you're lying to yourself.

Seriously, let's bring the segregation back for the betterment of us all!" - A.C. Coon

Students4Justice Is asking for this segregated place even though U of M is building a $10 million center for black students in the center of campus.

We all must ask ourselves what is going on in these American campuses. Why are all these minority groups clamoring for the old days at least some parts of it.

We have to realize what is truly going on today not only in the political realm but also within our society. - Black U of M Students Want Segregation

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