Thursday, December 28, 2017

Liberal Dystopia - Californians Reap What They Sow

California is becoming a socialist dystopia. With massive homelessness, joblessness, and illegal immigration problems, Democrat Party policies are beginning to bear rotten fruit.

Vox Day comments on a story of people fleeing high tax states such as New York and California, which loses actual tax payers without a decrease in total population due to the continued influx of "immigrants", "migrants" and other invaders that generally will pay little or no taxes compared to the established Americans that departed, thus also threatening the funding of the massive spending these high tax Democrat states engage in.

It's amusing how people suddenly start talking very differently about the tax-paying abilities of immigrants when they realize that the state's tax revenue is actually going to depend on them.

The problem is that these so-called "blue state" idiots are going to vote for exactly the same thing they're fleeing now. -

That's the problem. These loons escape the disaster of Democrat controlled governments by moving to "red states" like Texas, where they then proceed to once again vote for Democrats, eventually creating yet another Hell on earth.

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  1. Sorry
    Jen Kerns is a republican spokesperson
    The hill ran her opinion.
    She's not a liberal,progressive or Democrat.
    So this vox day comments are disambiguas.


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