Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Stop the Sex Robots! (and the Sex Angels)

In Indonesia...

Police—afraid of how the population would react to headlines like "Angel in Sulawesi found fallen from the sky, naked and weeping"—launched an investigation. They determined the angel was actually a blowup doll and confiscated it-Villagers thought sex toy was an angel

They worshiped it as an angel for weeks...

Sex bots are coming—one expert believes they'll be commonplace by 2050—and two robot ethicists say now is the time to act to make sure R2D2 doesn't end up trapped in white slavery.-Campaign Launches To Stop Rise of Sex Robots


  1. Considering that most "modern" "enlightened" people are already treating other actual human beings as though they were sexbots, perhaps working sexbots would be a moral step up.

    1. It would. Unfortunately the rise of the sex robots (yeah, they're coming) won't decrease sex obsession in our society, but are merely a another sign of it.

  2. This is where I get pedantic: it's not that "modern" "enlightened" people are obsessed with sex, for they assuredly are not -- they *hate* sex. Rather, what they are obsessed with is orgasms.

  3. And the porn explains the hatred of sex -- it's a vicious cycle.

  4. In Japan the young have seemingly given up on sex and relationships and marriage, but are large consumers of pornography (lots of it in Japan too, of course).


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