Monday, May 16, 2016

Jesus and Jesus

Any opinions or comments are welcome. Do Christians follow the biblical Jesus or not?

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  1. hmm interesting.

    the sexual immorality argument is a common one made by cultural marxists. However, what Jesus is actually saying in that scenario is that the guilty party (woman who was about to be executed for adultery) has suffered enough, not that her behaviour was acceptable. He then tells her to "go forth and sin no more".

    on alcohol and drugs, (or more broadly, diet) the Bible does say the body is like a temple and should be kept pure in the same way.

    I wish the Bible specifically talked about abortion, contraception.

    war is 100% correct.

    Jesus would be highly offended to be in any way connected to, or conflated with, criminal state activity. It's funny that people fear the influence of church over state, when the church hasn't really been a political force in the 1st world since Napoleon. "I am the State" doesn't accurately describe the reality today; more like, "the State is Me".

    money is true, with a caveat - leftists deliberately make no distinction between the voluntary sharing of resources by early Christians, and the mandatory 'sharing' they advocate. Jesus was not a socialist any more than he was a neocon warmonger.


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