Saturday, May 21, 2016

Ann Coulter on BBC Radio 4

Ann Coulter: "If trump loses, it's over. We're going to be homesick for the rest of our lives. Americans don’t want immigration. They don’t want anymore. Why can’t we have a home? You see on National Geographic, ‘Oh, the indigenous people, they have a home.’ Everyone else can have a home. We are the only people on Earth not allowed to have a home."

Africa must be allowed to remain African (and mostly black), India must be Indian, Iran belongs to the Iranians, China must remain Chinese, Japan must be Japanese, Egypt is for Egyptians, but, but...Whites of European heritage aren't allowed permanent homelands or identity, their identities and culture must be diversified and diluted. England does not belong to the English, Germany to the Germans, Poland to the Poles, Sweden must not be allowed to remain Swedish, France French or the once great United States of America, American.

Since the advent of Leftism in the West, it has been mandatory to consider all people equal. First, all people of each tribe must be made equal, so that class, caste and natural distinctions between ability are abolished; next, the races, sexes and sexual proclivities must be made equal. This obsessive brain-virus turns people into fanatical zombies chanting “equal, equal”!

And yet, what this means in practical terms is the best subsidize the rest. The normal state of humanity is failure; those who broke away from this by thinking correctly must be humbled, broken and made to support the rest. This way, we can feel the warm glow of pacifism; since we are all equal, none can resent us and we can live in peace, amirite? No: instead it makes the lower feel doubly low, and drives them to enraged resentment, and destroys the best, which submerges everyone in mass incompetence.-Ann Coulter Says What White People Worldwide Are Feeling


  1. This latest wave of immigration is really sorting the wheat from the chaff...can't believe I'm supporting Ann Coulter lol, always hated her during the neocon era. Strange times.

    1. Yeah, I used to HATE Ann Coulter, too. But times and circumstances have changed. Now, we are fighting for our very survival. She has proven to be right on the major issue of the continued existence of the West.


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