Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Commentator on the Zimmerman Trial

Now that the prosecution has failed in proving beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman should be charged with first degree murder, they've decided, despite all evidence seemingly supporting Zimmerman's story, to instruct the jury to consider manslaughter and, erm, child abuse - since Martin was a minor. Basically, they're asking the jury to ignore the facts heard up until now and are shifting gears (in mid-air I might add) to try and get a conviction; any conviction.

Holy shit.

Doesn't look like the DA is out for justice. They're out for political blood.

From what I've seen, this is a textbook "reasonable doubt" case where the defense and credible witnesses have supported the Zimmerman version of the facts.

The DA is stretching on this one. Big time.

Here's the backstory to Trayvon Martin (the son Obama never had) and the madness of a corrupted PC system and the police force joined to conspire against maintaining a civil society by upholding THE LAW.

This was not allowed into the court. Yet, even without this, the defense proved its case.

Something stinks somewhere. I'm invoking cui bono?-

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  1. actually the prosecution proved the defense case before the defense put on witnesses. This is a travesty of injustice. Zim was denied a grand jury to begin with. Then he was jailed for a month by a judge who wanted to grab the contributions given to him for his support & legal aid.


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