Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Fold a T-shirt

I'm doing a small load of laundry as I write this. I ran out of clothes a couple days ago. No towels (been taking showers by drying off with paper towels), no undershorts (wore the same ones a couple days in a row, not wearing any at the moment), no T-shirts (except for one very old one that is stained yellow and has a bunch of holes in it, which I'm wearing right now), and I got by for socks by buying a package of new ones.

After my clothes are done, my folding is minimal because my folding skills are minimal. I don't even try to fold T-shirts anymore, I just stuff them as is as they come out of the dryer into my laundry sack (a plastic trash bag). So, I was hoping the video below would help me, but after watching it several times, I doubt I'll get the hang of this Japanese folding technique. Maybe you can do better as you're undoubtedly brighter and more dexterous than I am.

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