Sunday, July 7, 2013

Am I a Head with a New Body or a Body with a New Head?

So we can now fix up headless horsemen? I guess it's coming. By the way, the title of this post was inspired by a recent DQ commercial where the guy (did the announcer call him Sam?) asks if the "5 buck lunch" is chicken strips, fries and a drink with a free sundae, or a sundae with free chicken strips, fries and drink. The connection? If he keeps eating that crap for lunch, he'll soon need a new body.

Head transplants have been attempted since the 1950s, when Russian scientist Vladimir Demikhov experimented with dogs.

Could an Italian Scientist Pave the Way for Human Head Transplants?

Apparently, they've (and that means the Russians) been experimenting with head transplants since the 50s! With dogs! Wait, wasn't that a low budget horror movie from back then?

Dr Sergio Canavero believes that the technology now exists that will allow surgeons to carry out the Frankenstein-style procedure, which has been tested out on animals since 1970.- 'First human head transplant now possible', neurosurgeon claims

Wait! 1970? What happened to those 1950s Russian experiments??? Oh, I forgot this part: Twenty years later, American neurosurgeon Robert White conducted a successful head transplant by moving the head of one monkey to the body of another. The monkey lived for several days, but because White could not connect the two spinal cords, the monkey eventually died.

Soooo, around 1970 was the first successful animal head transplant, with a monkey. Always the poor monkeys.

Would you donate your whole body, not just your organs, if you knew someone else would someday control it and use it for who knows what disgusting purpose? Don't touch my junk, bro, even after my head has gone to bodiless heaven!

Also, I wonder if this could be the ultimate answer to better sex change operations. "I'm a woman trapped in a man's body" becomes "I'm a man with a woman's body", which I guess makes the man-head now a woman?

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