Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Young Atheist and A Moment of Silence

14 year old Dawn Sherman has a lawsuit challenging something called the Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act. I don't have a lot of comments on this (you can read the story yourself) but I note that after one incident where the young student protested the inclusion of God Bless America on the playlist of songs to be played in the school hallways, the following took place: "After the God Bless America incident, someone egged the Shermans' house, stuck a church bulletin to the front door and chalked religious graffiti at the end of the driveway, misspelling Jesus." Chalk can be washed away, but have you ever tried to clean up the aftermath of an egging? I have. Some neighborhood kids egged my car (and others, I wasn't being singled out) repeatedly. This kind of behavior is usually attributed to a lack of proper parenting, or religious values. But how then is the behavior explained when it is done in the name of religion? And where is the Christian protest against this kind of hatred? If asked most would probably condemn it (although I'm not so sure they would in their hearts, most likely thinking instead that it serves the filthy atheists right) but why do we hear these same sorts of stories over and over, with atheists who are too vocal about their non-belief having their property vandalized or getting threats, etc., from such nice, loving, "What would Jesus do?" Christians? Love your enemies and turn the other cheek my ass! Maybe if you jerks followed the words of your own bible people might really take you more seriously. I also liked the part about Jesus being misspelled. Christianity really does make you stupid. (The young atheist girl is an A student.)

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