Monday, January 14, 2008

Atheist Radio

The Twin Cities have a new radio program, courtesy of Minnesota Atheists and KTNF-AM 950. Minnesota Atheists founder August Berkshire will be one of the hosts of the Sunday morning show.

A former Catholic altar boy, he said he gradually lost his belief in God after watching the rather mundane behind-the-scenes routine of church services. He watched how, after the magical "theater" of Mass, priests would put away their robes and wine and just get on with their day.

"It's very demystifying," Berkshire said. "The priest is just a nice guy doing his best to help people - but he doesn't have knowledge of anything supernatural."

Some may dismiss this, but it's actually a profound insight. It's the realization that the whole of religion is just make believe; God is invisible but we must believe he's there, God answers prayer, only there is no confirming evidence that he does so, etc.

Another host of the new show will be Bjorn Watland:

He said he joined the organization last year as a form of support when his mother "flipped out" upon learning he was an atheist.
Mom has recovered, he said, but atheism still carries a stigma - even among those in his generation.
"The biggest thing I want to get out of the show is tolerance of the atheist perspective," he said.

This is another good point, for contrary to Christian delusions, the last group it's still okay to hate are the atheists. The University of Minnesota in 2006 surveyed over 2000 people and 47.6 percent said they would not want their son or daughter to marry an atheist, while 33.5 percent said the same about marrying a Muslim and less than 7 percent said so of a conservative Christian. This kind of fear and prejudice must end.

To read the entire article go here.

Below are the words and video of a young atheist (from Notice near the end where she talks about a Christian assuming she knows nothing of the Christian experience or Christianity. I've run into this myself when talking to Christians. It's very common for them to say that non-Christians don't understand the Christian religion, even when those non-Christians are ex-Christians!

I'm Nikki, and I'm an atheist. I think the word atheist can often be interpreted as a bad thing, but I'm hoping this and future videos will show that it can be otherwise. Since coming out of the atheist closet (which was actually pretty recent), I feel fantastic! No longer do I hold the world view that the most powerful being ever created the universe with me in mind- a rather egotistical way to look at things if you think about it. That may sound a bit depressing to those of faith, but think about it. It's not that your life holds no meaning, it's that your life really is what you make of it. How freeing!

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  1. Good for you Nikki! Such wise words from one so young! If you want to help other delusional souls "come out" as you have, check out


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