Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Evil, Government Loving, Warmongering Mitt Romney

Tampa Bay morning radio host interviews Mitt Romney and during the interview Romney makes fun of and laughs at Ron Paul, causing host Mark Larsen to announce he will vote for Paul. Larsen mentions a 1% VAT to replace the income tax. Romney replies that you would not begin to raise enough money that way. How much is enough Mitt? He says "I'm all in favor of getting rid of the unfair complications in our tax code", in other words, just like every other lying, scum bag politician, Romney has no intention of ever getting rid of the IRS or the income tax.

Romney goes on to state that we have to take care of our elderly (yes, Mitt, but does the federal government have to do it) and keep a military that will protect us and that's 80% of the budget and will grow as more people retire. He's saying, basically, that big government will be with us forever, so why is so-called "conservative" Bay Buchanan supporting this asshole?

Oh, and Mitt, what do the following troop levels have to do with "protecting" Americans:

Number of US troops in Germany, 69,395. In Japan, 35,307. In Korea, 32,744. In Italy, 12,258. In the United Kingdom, 11,093.

Let's just keep taxing and spending ourselves into ruin, right, Mitt? Ron Paul was the only hope this year and he will not win. Reality intrudes and forces me to conclude politics is nearly hopeless and, as Larsen says "It doesn't matter who you vote for, Obama, Clinton, Romney or McCain, they will not change the tax code. They're all on the same page."

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