Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mr. We Trust

Steve Kreuscher has had his name legally changed (these stories always say that; can someone have their name illegally changed? its a basic common-law right, ya know) to In God We Trust, first name, In God, last name, We Trust. The new Mr. We Trust claims God (whoever the hell that is) gave him help in tough times, and so this new moniker is designed to symbolize that divine assistance. The 57 year old former Mr. Kreusher is a school bus driver and "amateur artist" from the Chicago suburb of Zion (how appropriate).

Other name changes coming soon:

John 3:16

Jesus Saves

Holy Roller

Holy Bible

Repent Or Burn In Hell (first name, Repent Or Burn, last name, In Hell)

America Love It Or Leave It (first name, America Love It, last name, Or Leave It)

God Bless America (first, middle, and last).

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