Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Golden Bellied Worm Eater During Squirrel Mating Season

Last week I was outside and a medium size bird landed near my feet. He was not afraid of people and hopped around and stretched his neck out every few feet as he walked. He was looking for bugs to eat. Then he found some moist ground and dug out a long worm and swallowed it. The bird had a golden breast so I maybe it was a Golden Bellied Worm Eater (I don't know my bird species very well). As to other local wildlife, there are squirrels everywhere here. They run up and down the block walls and are in all the trees. When I came back from a walk recently and passed under the palm tree at the corner of the driveway, two squirrels lunged at me but I swerved quickly and they scampered up the tree trunk making threatening noises as they went. The squirrels are really going crazy around here. I heard a noise in a bush and it sounded like a bird, then lots of hissing and fighting and then two squirrels emerged and went crazy, running and jumping everywhere and chasing each other. Either they are predicting an earthquake or it's squirrel mating season.

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