Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Only Good Deal Is No Deal

So last week I happened to catch Dull or Not Dull? It was the episode where "President" Bush made an appearance. One of the contestants was Joseph Kobes, an Iraq War veteran. Mr. Kobes served a tour of duty in Iraq and then volunteered for two more. This lead Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel to call Kobes "the ultimate American" and then gush about how this hired killer had "served our country" and that he was a "hero" and the he had "protected us" while in Iraq and that he (Howie) was "proud to be here with you" and lots of other bullshit. Whether or not Kobes actually killed anyone personally as a solider is irrelevant, he was sent to kill and "serve" by helping to illegally and immorally occupy a country we had no right to invade in the first place. This makes Mr. Kobes a criminal agent of a criminal government and even more so as he willingly served two more tours of duty. One might argue that he could not have known when he joined the military that War Criminal Bush would send him to Iraq, but Kobes is without excuse for his last two tours in Iraq, for he volunteered. He was praised by Howie and the audience for this, when he should have instead been booed and tarred and feathered and booted out of the studio on his traitorous war criminal ass!

I would like to ask Howie (a good juvenile name for an ignorant juvenile fool) how exactly Kobes served us by being in Iraq? What benefit have the American people received from such service and how, Howie, has this "protected" us? And why exactly does joining the military and getting yourself wounded (the jackass Kobes received the purple heart; big fucking deal) make you the "ultimate American"? More of an American than everyone else in every other profession, no matter how much real good they do? Any idiot can join the military (and many do, as the standards have gone way down due to the shortage of pawns recruits) and even get themselves killed but this does not make them a hero or a better American than anyone else. We should praise real heroes who support and defend our constitution by opposing illegal wars and the vast evil we have committed against the Iraqi people. I'll bet we'll never see Cindy Sheehan on Howie's idiotic, time-wasting, super moronic game show, but if anyone should be dubbed the ultimate American, it should be her. Instead we get NBC on their Deal or No Deal website saying of Kobes "A true patriot gets personal thanks from the President", a true patriot! How about all those who do real acts of courage by protesting this evil, illegal Iraq War and those who defend the Bill of Rights against the outrages perpetrated against civil liberties by the Bush administration? How about those who are sickened by the evil of holding people for years without charging them with a crime, as our government is doing now at Guantanamo Bay and that is considered just a joke to some, something to laugh about rather than cry about. But on Deal or No Deal we get an appearance by Bush, the man ultimately responsible for the injustice of Guantanamo, laughing it up and making jokes about his low approval rating from the American public. I guess its okay to have an unpopular criminal "President" on your show though, isn't it? That's not too controversial, is it lapdog NBC, you cowardly, unpatriotic traitors! And by the way, if Bush is so unpopular and the people oppose his policies so strongly (else why is he so disliked)? wouldn't the "democratic" thing to do be to change your polices to suit the people's wishes? Wouldn't that be "democracy"? I guess democracy is okay for other countries where we are supposedly trying to establish it by force but not good enough for Americans, eh, Howie, Kobes and Bush? If Howie had the guts (as a real man would have) to denounce Bush and his crimes against America on the show, well, then Howie would have been the true patriot and the real "Ultimate American." By the way, the idiot Kobes kept turning down the banker's offers and ended with just $26,000, at least until he spun the wheel at the end and tripled the amount to $78,000. During his case-opening I was rooting against him (I always root against military assholes) but just so you don't think I'm completely without empathy even for bad people, I was hoping he'd triple that $26,000. That's how much of an ultimate American hero I am. Praise me and kiss my ass!

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