Monday, April 14, 2008

Atheist Fools

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God (Psalm 14:1)

Taking the above bible verse as his starting point, Zachary Kroger made the following short video, which became a YouTube sensation, garnering both praise and condemnation from thousands. If you haven't seen it before, it will either inspire you or (if you are religious) possibly anger you (Kroger received the usual Christian hate emails, such grown-up stuff as "you'll burn in hell"). Such nice Jesus-loving people!

Here is an interview with Kroger by the Secular Student Alliance. In the interview Kroger (a film student) explains what inspired him to create the video.

While I loved it, I wish he had included the following atheists:

John Lennon

Katherine Hepburn

Charlie Chaplin, and

Stanley Kubrick.

I also wonder about Charles Schulz being included. He may very well have been agnostic, but I always assumed he was a least a nominal Christian, what with A Charlie Brown Christmas having an overtly religious message and the Bible so prominent in so many Peanuts strips. Schultz was a member of the Church of God until he died, but did say in the late 80s that he considered himself a secular humanist, so his final view on God seems ambiguous.

But why quibble. It's a great video!

Note: I originally posted this at another blog. I have also posted this video before at Skeptical Eye, but without the additional commentary. I thought it was worth posting again. On whether or not John Lennon was really an atheist, see here and here. As someone commented at the first link: "... it pretty much surmises that we don't really know if Lennon was an atheist when he died, more probably an agnostic. However, for me, "Imagine" is quite telling - only an atheist could have written it. But, having said that, the most I would offer is that he was probably an atheist at the time it was written."

Thomas Szasz and H.L. Mencken could have been included in the video as well. I think the video included too many Hollywood figures, so more people outside of entertainment would have been nice.

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