Monday, April 21, 2008

Walking With Bees

I took my walk again the other day and I stopped by the drug store on the way back to browse. After I left the store to walk the rest of the way home I saw a girl a little ways in front of me on a bike. She stopped at one point on the sidewalk and then crossed the busy street in the middle, then continued on her way on the other side. I wondered why she had decided to cross right there. I kept going and soon came upon a swarm of bees next to a wall by the sidewalk. It happened very fast so I just stepped to the side as far as I could to go around them as they were buzzing and flying in a big cloud almost out to the curb. A horrible thought entered my mind as I hurried along, "What if these are KILLER BEES?". I know that much of the southwestern US has been invaded by the Africanized Honey Bees that are very aggressive as opposed to the more docile European honey bees. I have read stories of the killer bees chasing people for blocks and stinging them to death. Well, I kept walking without looking back but I heard a buzzing around my head and a few of the bees were following me! I walked faster and soon they gave up the chase and left me alone.

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