Friday, February 19, 2016

Wendy's North Pacific Cod Fish Sandwich Review

Full disclosure, I own Wendy's stock. I first became aware of the fast food chain back in 1975, when I guess they really started to roll out nationally. I was just a kid at the time, but Wendy's felt new and different (in spite of the "old fashioned" labeling and inside theme of the stores) from other, more familiar fast food "restaurants" such as the (even 40 years ago) ubiquitous McDonald's.

One thing the review in the video fails to mention is that one other thing setting apart this fish sandwich from others is the type of fish, cod rather than pollock (though Alaskan pollack is still a member of the cod family) as used in the Filet-o-Fish and other fast food fried fish-between-buns concoctions.

In spite of this mostly unenthusiastic review, I think I'll try this. It's been available before, but I guess I missed it then. Oh, and it's tartar sauce, not mayo, you dummy!

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