Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quotes of the Moment

From the first line of the first quote, you might think this is by a statist idiot, but actually, it's by someone who realizes "limited" government is a delusion of those who can't bring themselves to completely give up on state worship (and those who somehow don't know that corporations ARE the state in modern, fascist, crony capitalism).

Dear "Limited Government" fucktards,

How can the state protect you from corporations? The State IS A CORPORATION WITH A MONOPOLY ON FORCE. Corporations are CREATED, SUPPORTED AND PROTECTED BY THE STATE.

Without the state, there are no corporations.

Please stop being fucking stupid and advocating the myth called "limited government."

P.S. = Your Constitution has been in a constant state of violation since George Washington.

This second quote I throw in as a bonus and for discussion (it's in reference to the Navy Yard shooting).

brb I gotta go pretend to give a shit about people who got killed after they signed up to go kill people from other countries for a paycheck.

Both of the above are from Tom Jefferson.

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