Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Doctor gives man the finger

After it gets bitten off by his horse (stupid horse, if you were my horse, well, you've seen Westerns, haven't you, horse, you know, where the horse breaks its leg and a man gets a gun to put it out of its misery?)

So the guy put his chomped off finger on a Popsicle stick and takes it to the hospital, where it can't be saved. However:
Using the bladder tissue of a pig, Dr. Rodriguez made a template of Halpern’s finger and attached it to what was left.

The finger’s cells, bone, soft tissue, even nail grew into the mold.

Is this guy Dr. Rodriguez or Dr. McCoy?-S. FL Doctor Uses New Technology To “Re-Grow” Man’s Finger

But in the comments at the above short article, apparently this a technique that's been used before:

I had a nephew who sawed off the tips of two fingers in a construction accident a couple of years ago. He had this procedure performed through the VA and now has ten perfect fingers. (Good thing, too, as he is a guitar player!)

Well, I NEVER HEARD OF IT! Now I've got to keep it in mind in case some stupid horse bites my fingers off someday. Stupid horses!

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