Saturday, June 15, 2013

Heterosexual Awareness Month?

A Facebook page that states: Heterosexual Awareness Month is a month-long (July) annual observance of straight people and our growing struggle.

They also promote two special "days": July 6th Straight Pride Day – participants are encouraged to wear black to show support for heterosexuality, July 22nd International Day Against Heterophobia – a day set aside to bring awareness to the little known but serious issue of heterophobia.

Texas Heterosexual Awareness Month


  1. newsflash texas bigots: every day/month is straight day/month. this is why I will never visit that terribly backwards thinking state. wish they would just secede from the union already...

  2. The whole group of people are bat-shit with delusions of grandeur.

    Instead of supporting "heterosexuality", they're obsessing over gay people (95% of their postings) and pushing sick lies.

    I'm not even going to go into their personal attacks.


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