Tuesday, June 4, 2013

British MP Galloway: FSA Cannibalism is a Turning Point, Cameron Insane for Supporting Savages

British MP George Galloway gave his opinion about the latest incident where Abu Saqqar, a commander in one of the earliest "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) brigades, the al-Farouq Brigade, ate the heart and liver of a dead Syrian soldier (video: http://youtu.be/rLEAebCvFhk), He believes it marks a turning point in Western public opinion regarding the so-called rebels or insurgents in Syria. He also questions PM David Cameron's mental condition by supporting those militants, whom Galloway refers to as "savages and barbarians".-http://youtu.be/wZewbhekhlk

FSA Terrorist Abu Saqqar Eats the Heart of a Syrian Soldier after Ripping it Out (Warning: 18+)

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