Friday, May 31, 2013

Laissez-Faire Comeback?


Laissez-faire vs. socialism is, as I said, not really relevant. Appeals to neither are more or less likely to promote totalitarianism. 


What is the economy except human interaction? Seriously. The economy is a word that represents the millions of voluntary transactions between millions of people every day. That's what it is.
Laissez-faire means the government steps back and lets people voluntarily interact without asking permission or taking orders from some idiot bureaucrat or enforcer, so long as their actions are not criminal (with "criminal" being defined as harming the life, liberty or property of another).
How the fuck is that supposed to lead to totalitarianism?

And how the fuck is codifying every way in which people engage in voluntary exchange not going to lead to totalitarianism?

About the comment, kids, that's what happens when you do drugs AND read liberal rags.

Rebuttal: People forget what an economy is at its base, naked root.  It's but human interaction as the first sentence explains. An economy is a self-regulating, self-sustaining, delicate ecosystem of daily human interactions. It organically grows from the bottom-up. Modern liberalism prefers a top-down, authoritative approach of manufactured regulation concentrated in the hands of a few politicians. It's their outlook that leads to totalitarianism.

Just look at Quebec. Quebec's economy is basically "fonctionnaire" or civil servant or a branch plant economy of American companies coming in to give jobs. There's very little in-between. There's little in-between because of the interference of the state in the economy. THAT'S the part of the equation people should consider studying - the unintended consequences of that position. Add the retarded language laws and you have an anemic, non-innovative economy dependent on outside factors as well as state control to keep it going.

But hey, maitre chez nous!

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