Friday, October 6, 2017

NDE Research Proves Afterlife Exists l Dr Jeff Long & Lynn Fishman SSF-IIIHS

What are the common characteristics of a near death experience? Do we have to fear the life review? What is the difference between an out of body experience and a near death experience? What is the longest period of time someone has been clinically dead and resuscitated? What circumstances that led to an NDE or aspects of the NDE itself prove that consciousness exists out of the body? Does near death experiences differ in children versus adults? What is the usual age of children that report their NDE? How do children remember their NDE so many years and decades later? How does an NDE differ from a dream? What is the study methodology that Dr Long uses for his NDE research? How does our vision and our consciousness change when we are in the middle of an NDE? How does religion or culture affect the NDE that a person has? How does an NDE impact a person's life afterwards? How does love play a role in an NDE? How can health professionals help a patient or how can family help their loved one going through the dying process? How is it possible to see without one's eyes or without a body during an NDE? What happens to murders or pedophiles when they die?

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