Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Do Immigrants Change Public Policy?" Yes!

Non-white immigrants do vote overwhelmingly for Democrats and overwhelmingly favor expanding state involvement in the economy, relative to white people in America. This video also contains a cogent critique of Alex Nowrasteh's attempts to rebut this argument. In short, Nowrasteh claims that immigrants do not vote markedly for expansion of government involvement in the economy, relative to native-born Americans, but he aggregates all "immigrants" into one homogeneous blob, and this leads him to draw highly misleading conclusions. When immigrants are disaggregated by race, noticeable differences begin to emerge between how, say, Hispanic immigrants vote and how white immigrants, or white native-born Americans vote. Nowrasteh also claims that immigrants completely assimilate to American culture within three generations and adopt views that are virtually indistinguishable from those of native-born Americans, but this is only true when one considers the entire aggregate of immigrants. When one disaggregates immigrants by race, the opposite picture emerges. As generations pass, the children and grandchildren of Hispanic immigrants come to hold views that are MORE out of step with those of the average American than those of their parents of grandparents. They shift even further to the left. Full disclosure: I am an immigrant to the United States myself. You can hardly accuse me of any kind of nativism in say these things. - Ivan Lesiv

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