Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism: An offshoot of Marxism that gave birth to political correctness, multiculturalism and "anti-racism." Unlike traditional Marxism that focuses on economics, Cultural Marxism focuses on culture and maintains that all human behavior is a result of culture (not heredity / race) and thus malleable. Cultural Marxists absurdly deny the biological reality of gender and race and argue that gender and race are “social constructs”. Nonetheless, Cultural Marxists support the race-based identity politics of non-whites. Cultural Marxists typically support race-based affirmative action, the proposition state (as opposed to a nation rooted in common ancestry), elevating non-Western religions above Western religions, speech codes and censorship, multiculturalism, diversity training, anti-Western education curricula, maladaptive sexual norms and anti-male feminism, the dispossession of white people, and mass Third World immigration into Western countries. Cultural Marxists have promoted idea that white people, instead of birthing white babies, should interracially marry or adopt non-white children. Samuel P. Huntington maintained that Cultural Marxism is an anti-white ideology. Critics of Cultural Marxism have maintained that Cultural Marxists intend to commit genocide against white people through mass non-white immigration, assimilation, transracial adoption and miscegenation.-Destroy Cultural Marxism


  1. I think the link is broken pal.

  2. American culture was never as conservative as 50s nostalgia makes it seem.

    The Frankfurt School never promoted political correctness, multiculturalism, feminism, or anything of the sort. About 90% of what their theorists wrote were about the failure of capitalism and liberal democracy to liberate mankind and the ways capitalism poisoned culture. Adorno's views were far closer to the right wing than to tumblr's.

    Marxists do not take anyone from the Frankfurt School seriously, especially not Benjamin who was a mystic, or Marcuse who basically thought of communism as a giant orgy.

    Most of what /pol/ attributes to the Frankfurt School is more the fault of American postmodernist academics like Judith Butler. SJWs aren't even Marxists for christsake.

    Mass immigration, multiculturalism, and political correctness have everything to do with neoliberalism.

  3. Weyrich first aired his conception of Cultural Marxism in a 1998 speech to the Civitas Institute's Conservative Leadership Conference, later noting the "strong, positive response" in his "Open Letter to Conservatives".[54][55] At Weyrich's request Lind wrote a short history of this concept for The Free Congress Foundation.[51][56][57] Lind and Weyrich further expanded on their conception of Cultural Marxism; co-writing an article for The American Ideas Institute and over the next 2 years expanding that article into a book titled "The Next Conservatism"[58][59] with Lind having already written a fictional account of a post-apocalyptic Cultural Marxist future.[51][60] In these works they advocate fighting Cultural Marxism with "a vibrant cultural conservatism" composed of "retroculture" fashions from the past, a return to rail systems as public transport and an agrarian culture of self reliance modeled after the Amish.[58][61][51][62][63][64][65] Weyrich and his protege Eric Heubeck later openly advocated for a more direct form of "taking over political structures" by the "New Traditionalist Movement" in his 2001 paper The Integration of Theory and Practice written for Weyrich's Free Congress Foundation.[66][67][68]


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