Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bret Alan: Liberals Blame Greed

Liberals love to blame the problems of America on greed. Greed causes this, greed causes that... except, greed doesn't cause anything. Is it greed that compels people of all classes, even those just trying to eke out a living, to be complicit in the overall system of over-consumption, waste, abuse, pollution, and dehumanization?

When the people at the top are guilty, it can easily look like greed. Don't ignore the thousands below them who worked as hard, or harder, wishing the whole time they had that job... even the ones old and wise enough to know it wasn't in the cards for them, old and wise enough to know better, maybe even old and wise enough to have made a positive difference if they were ever given a chance (but were instead just a cog in a bullshit machine).

Liberals vote Democrat and scream greed, ironically voting for candidates who outspend their Republican opponents. That money didn't come from caring individuals, folks. The money came from wealthy donors, donors who either were rewarding past efforts to defend them (in the case of incumbents), or that were opening the door for them, should they take office (in the case of new challengers).

It's one thing for your politicians to be bought. You can't control that. After all who are you? You're just one person. You can't change anything, right? Except... if you vote for them, you're supporting them. If you're voting for that Democratic Senate candidate who spent tens of millions of dollars filling your commercial breaks with repetitive drivel, you're voting for the repetitive drivel, not to mention all the unsavory bastards who funded it (who now have the ear of your congressperson).

Ah, but liberals convince themselves that Democrats hate doing it. Since they hate doing it, it's not for the love of it... so it's not greed. Sure, Democrats support a system of endless wars, economic exploitation, growing inequality, global warming, cuts to social programs, and a general dickish attitude towards anyone who even so much as hints at there ever being a choice beyond Democrats and Republicans...

... but at least they hold their nose while doing it, right? At least they don't revel in how horrible they're helping to make the world. Republicans own it and take pride in it, but at least Democrats act holier than thou when supporting the exact same things. You know, because some judges ruled gay marriage is legal in a bunch of states, they convince themselves Democrats have done fuck-all in the last 30 years.

They haven't.

That was the gay rights movement which achieved those things, which is itself very effective where Democrats have failed. There's no reason for the Democratic party to even exist. The people who vote for them don't support what Democratic politicians actually do, they just find what Democrats say to be soothing and what Republicans say to be terrifying, plus they're too busy/lazy to find out what either actually does, probably too exhausted from their job where they more than likely make the world a slightly worse, or at the very least more materialistic, place.

Hey, you gotta pay the bills.

America's liberals are very much part of the problem, and that is why nothing gets done. It's not Republican/conservative obstructionism, it's liberals not giving a damn and just doing whatever is easiest. It's easy to vote Democrat and think you helped. It's so easy that it should set off a bullshit detector in your brain. You should realize, "This isn't going to be enough."

And it's not.-

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