Thursday, November 6, 2014

Blog of the Moment: Captain Capitalism

Haven't done one of these (or much real blogging in general) in a while (a long while), but hey, now I'm back baby! Found this guy during a video search on silver and then discovered his blog:
I'm already dead Blythe. 67% dead to be precise.

Like my stepdad who is about 90%, I also realized that I am on the opposite side of 50%. My family's genetics is not that great. Nearly every male has died of cancer, alcoholism or stroke, and if any of us Clarey's make it past 60 it's a god damned miracle. And thus at 40, I'm 67% dead.

This permits me a huge amount of levity, freedom, and intellectual honesty because I no longer have to care. Naturally, the fact I have no children allows me this levity, but in the end, it is a benefit. My time on this planet is for the majority, over. And since I have no children I have no long term vested interest in it or what happens to it. So I'm allowed the precious gift of merely watching it without the attachment or concern that most of you other people have to it.

I enjoy people suffering. I enjoy people suffering their mistakes. I enjoy watching the limitless single moms and dead beat dads of my generation try to scramble and salvage their lives that are beyond repair as they live vicariously through their underperforming children. I enjoy the liberal arts majors PANICALLY realizing their financial lives are fucked.

It's great! I cannot think of a better, more poetic justice and gift that life could grant me.-The Benefit of the 67% Dead Club

Captain Capitalism

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