Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Strange Comments of the Year

Nut country comments show up at SE from time to time. Here are some unpublished gems still "awaiting moderation":

i wanna fuck your website and i wanna kill you mother fucker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

My comment: All right, my blog will get more sex than I do, and my first real death threat to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111

ya sure. you jews won't publish it.Wheres the other 2 posts that you didn't publish. Because this site isn't freedom of speech.

My comment; Rumors of my Jewishness have been greatly exaggerated (yeah, I flirted with converting once, but don't go crazy because of that one little lapse in judgement)

we are in the mid east to fight a war so the CHOOSEN POEPLE people can control the area and its resorses. The CHOOSEN POEPLE leaders have taken over the U.S. and are using our children and resorses to fight in these areas for their people. I mean it is quite ovious,just turn on your T.V. and see who is running it.Come on McFly's. They even now have spinned that the Christian religion is CHOOSEN POEPLE and the tards are believing it.Look who has pulled almost all the scams on wallstreet and in the banking industry,then just walk scot free because most of your polatiction are jewish. I mean wake up retards.I know this blog isn't going to get posted because the CHOOSEN POEPLE run this site and most others.

My comment: okaaaaaaaaay

I'm all for universal circumcision

My comment: And I'm all for the universal suicide of ignorant morons

Hahahaha in school

My comment: You're suspended!

i am spam

My comment: Good, I'll have you for breakfast with eggs

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