Wednesday, December 25, 2013

No, Wahlberg, No!

I actually like most of mark Wahlberg’s movies, but I won’t be seeing Lone Survivor, “based on a tragic Navy SEAL mission in Afghanistan in 2005.” Wahlberg, in an interview with Parade, was asked: “What were your biggest takeaways from filmingLone Survivor?” His answer: “It takes a very special individual to become a SEAL. I felt it was so important to give the guys who never came down off that mountain their due. My wife couldn’t talk for 45 minutes after she saw the movie. All she kept thinking about were the sons and fathers and mothers and daughters out there fighting for our freedom. You take it for granted.”Fighting for our freedom? This has got to be the most overused phrase of 2013. All I ever think about is the sons and fathers and mothers and daughters of the thousands of U.S. soldiers who died fighting in Afghanistan. They won’t have their loved ones with them at Christmas because they died in vain and for a lie in Afghanistan (or Iraq).-One Movie You Won’t Want to See on Christmas Day

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