Friday, November 22, 2013

“Just Doing Their Jobs”

It gets better.  In response to the arrest, the local Sheriff stated the following:

Cumberland County Sheriff Butch Burgess says he hasn't seen the video and doesn't need to, because it won't tell the whole story. He says Aytes was just doing his job.

That’s right.  The Cumberland County Sheriff just pulled the Nuremburg defense out of his ass and people are taking it seriously.  In case you are wondering what the Nuremburg defense is, it comes from back when the surviving Nazis were on trial for crimes against humanity, their main defense was that they were just following orders.

These are dangerous times we live in.  The police arrest people for petty, stupid offense and ignore a huge majority of the real violent crimes that actually go on.  Wouldn’t want them to place themselves in danger after all.  They are police, not heroes.

The other laughable thing about that statement is that Aytes was following orders, but from the video I don’t see any orders being given to him.  In other words, he was acting without cause and the sheriff is backing him up despite the fact that he is clearly out of line in making the arrest.

One day, the police will just start indiscriminately killing people for no good reason in the name of officer safety.  They are brutal, murderous thugs with no moral compass and a desire to oppress those around them.  Do not trust them.

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