Thursday, November 21, 2013

Abolish All Alcohol "laws"-Fuck the State!

California: These are ABC's most frequently asked questions about: ENFORCEMENT AND VIOIATIONS


  1. I have to admit American laws regarding alcohol are way too restrictive. I remember in Cape Cod when we walked up to a bar in a restaurant to get a Shirley Temple for my daughter while I was gonna get a Sam Adams. We were informed it was against the law to have a child - even accompanied with an adult - be served a non-alcoholic drink in a RESTAURANT. So we went to wait outside for our table. No drinks. Massachusetts is tight assed.

    That's where Montreal has a one-up on American cities - that's about it since we have regressive politics and left-wing nonsense like most places.

    Nonetheless, we're a little more lax about those things. My belief is societies that have reasonable alcohol laws have less drunkards. That and cultural factors I suspect. You simply don't see drunks in the Mediterranean Latin world like you do in, say, England, Northern Europe and North America.

    Anyway. I'm rambling. Too buzzed at the moment.

    1. If this was Facebook, I would like your comment.


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