Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lying "Liberals"

See Alison J. Ressler: "No Obamacare, social security or medicare for teabaggers. They don't BELIEVE in it, so leave them out of it!"

So, Alison, there is no individual mandate in Obamacare? And if I don't believe in Social Security I can stop having FICA deductions taken from my paycheck? NO, I have to pay for it regardless? I see.

Of course, Obamacare is a train wreck that doesn't work.

So, I'm sure many would love to be "left out" of Obamacare. And since Alison thinks "teabaggers" should be left out, I'm sure she must support the Republican's attempt to at least delay the individual mandate. Or perhaps, like many "liberals", poor Alison is just intellectually challenged and thinks Obamacare is a means-tested social welfare program rather than a REQUIREMENT to buy health "insurance". Or maybe she really thinks it's okay to force people to buy something and then deny them the right to use it. At this point it gets confusing, as it's not really clear what she means by "leave them out of it", because Obamacare is all about NOT leaving people out of it.


  1. Nice. By the way, Obamacare canceled my health insurance. Or rather, it made my current plan illegal as of next year. I'll post about it in a bit.

    1. Thanks Swift. Obama is of course the Liar in Chief. You no longer have the option to choose a health plan with the coverage of your choice because of the "Affordable" Care Act's rules.

  2. Exactly.

    I'm sure plenty of people in both of our countries would opt out of many things we're coerced into paying. Know what happens in Canada when you succeed - besides confiscating most of it?

    My father is getting his OAS (Old aged security) clawed back because the government basically decided he was too successful in life. A pension he PAID INTO ALL HIS IMMIGRANT LIFE dutifully paying his taxes and producing for the economy.

    Nice, eh?

  3. All "liberals" are intellectually dishonest -- which is worse than being merely a liar. They don't all wear their intellectual dishonesty right out in the open, but it's always there, waiting for the opportunity to manifest.


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