Friday, June 8, 2012

In Which I Agree With A Cop Ticketing People

This may come as a surprise, but I actually support the police officer in this case:

So the police officer was suspended for doing his job?  Nowhere in the report does the it indicate that the people he ticketed were ticketed unfairly.  By all indications, this officer was just a hard worker and was trying to make money for himself.  There is nothing wrong with that.

Also, note too that at no time do the local leaders or news reporter indicate that perhaps there are too many laws and that instead of suspending the officer, maybe they should have done away with the onerous laws on the books that allowed the officer to “abuse” the system he worked in.

The fact of the matter is, this country’s legislatures have gone stir-crazy when it comes to the passage of laws.  Every law they pass means one more crime that you can break.  The Federal government alone has more than 10,000 laws on the books.  I’ve said before that this presents a serious problem in our nation as these laws are often treated as some moral good, no matter how stupid or ridiculous the law actually.  If it was illegal to for a Chimpanzee to smoke a cigarette, for example (and yes that has happened in the past), then most people would just laugh at the absurdity of it but not get outraged over the sheer idiocy of their duly elected representatives.  And then they go and re-elect these buffoons.

I want more police officers such as these out on the streets doing everything they can to choke the general public with tickets, fines, citations, and other various shakedowns and crackdowns.  That way, maybe people will actually start to look at size and scope of the government’s presumed purview and start to roll things back.

Of course, the fact that this officer was suspended for his due diligence means that people want the laws, but don’t want to be targets of them.  In other words, they want the State to rule over us, but only want the iron fist in the face of other people who they don’t like.

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