Sunday, August 3, 2008

"They Took The Beach Away From Me"

I don't smoke and I've never consumed alcohol on the beach, but I had a conversation with someone who enjoys smoking and drinking while at the seashore. "They took the beach away from me," he said. How so? I asked him. "Well, I like to take a lawn chair, a pack of cigarettes, and an ice chest full of beer and sit on the beach listening to the radio." He then said he has stopped going to the beach because that was what he liked to do there. Was he harming anyone by his beach activities? I don't see how. He happens to be a fairly quiet, nice guy, who when he's not working enjoys growing tomatoes on his back patio. But because some people think, due to their personal preferences, that "there otta be a law," he can no longer engage in a leisure activity that was harming no one without risking being harassed, fined or possibly arrested by the police. Thanks Big Daddy government worshipers (you know who you are) for helping to ruin someone's innocent pleasures once again.
You see, alcohol and smoking have been turned into illegal activities at San Diego beaches. Someone might "get hurt" by, for example, second hand smoke, even though open air smoking doesn't even present an aesthetic unpleasantness the way smoking indoors does. Look at the words on the ridiculous sign in the photo above: "To protect the health and safety of residents and visitors, please keep City beaches and parks ... smoke-free." If it wasn't such a perfect example of the constantly encroaching Nanny State, it would be knee-slapping hilarious. Come to think of it, it is still pretty funny, and another example of politically liberal do-gooders run amok.

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