Monday, August 25, 2008

Loose Leaf

So I went to Wal-Mart looking for some filler paper for my binder recently and could not find any in the regular stationary aisle. Then an ah hah! moment and I went to the special "Back to School" aisles (there were two of them) and searched for my paper. I did not find it but did notice a Wal-Fart employee kneeling at the end of the aisle stocking something on a shelf. I asked politely if they had any loose leaf paper. "What's loose leaf paper?" he asked. I informed the useless dolt that it was paper to refill a binder. "Oh yeah, I think we had some over there" he said while he pointed to the shelf along the wall at the end of the aisle. He turned and craned his neck. "I don't see it now though," he told me, without another offer of assistance. I went to search again on my own, and just around the corner, in the main aisle, stood a giant cardboard display filled with loose leaf paper at just 50 cents a pack. I guess Mr. Employee of the World's Largest Retailer just didn't notice it. Good job Wal-Mart on your employee training! Or is it just that customer service is not cost effective? Must be, because everytime I need help in one your stores, I don't get any. I only shop there for the prices, which I guess is the whole point, 'cause there sure ain't any other reason to.

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