Saturday, December 6, 2014

Not Saying Much

To say that most cops don't murder people or steal private property or beat up people who've done nothing wrong is not saying much, because ALL cops work in organizations in which some cops do commit these wrongs; and they go right on working with the malefactors, doing nothing to expose them or to bring them to justice. Cop solidarity is legendary, as is the power of police unions. Anyone who works for such organizations is part of an evil enterprise -- not evil by happenstance (after all, some evil may be committed in any type of organization by someone associated with it), but evil systematically by virtue of the monopoly of violence such police organizations possess and their members' capacity to commit evils without being punished for them in nearly all cases.
All of the foregoing, moreover, is in addition to the fact that every cop commits himself to enforcing all the laws, and some of those laws are manifestly wicked, being clear violations of people's natural rights, among other things.-Robert Higgs


  1. I see you're still kicking it.

    1. God T.C., it's been so long. I've got to get back into blogging and updating here in a more serious (and by that I mean fun) way. I think this is the beginning of my 14th comeback. .

      How are things in Canada Commentator land?


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