Friday, January 24, 2014

Tattoo Quote of the Day

I don't like tattoos. There I said it. I've never seen anyone whose appearance I felt was enhanced by a tattoo. Also, 99% of the tattoos I've seen just aren't very good or interesting. Quickly fuzzy, and often distorted, they don't age well and they certainly don't age well if your body shape changes EVER. I've never seen a tattoo that would look good on a poster. I'm not just trying to buck the trend. I find them unattractive. Permanently unattractive.-Troy Boyle

I have to agree, generally speaking, especially in light of current tattoo trends. Covering entire limbs with one giant tattoo? It looks awful. And beautiful women who deface their bodies that way, it just diminishes their looks.


  1. Lordy ... one might even call tatooing and piercing ... intentional self-mutilation ... 'sin'

  2. I, of course, do call those acts 'sin' ... I also call them a handy way to immediately and easily identify idiots (in the proper sense of 'not very bright') and sheeple.


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